I’ve facilitated a variety of kindness classes for over 20 years, some in person and many online. Many of these classes have been as simple as me making a suggestion for a kindness act that people could complete within in a week. As the popularity of these classes spread, I looked for ways to provide creative ways for people to consider kindness with a little more depth. Using stories, TV shows, and novels has worked out well.

This kindness module involves reading and considering a book, Jerry Spinelli’s lovely book “Stargirl,” the actions of the characters and your reactions being used to inspire acts of kindness. You can engage in this activity in the most simple way by reading the relevant chapters and completing the associated act of kindness that are part of each assignment. If you want to dig a little deeper into both the story and the concept of kindness, I encourage you to complete the journal activities, too.

Critical to all of my kindness classes is for you to have the freedom to make anything out of them you want to make. Please don’t feel there is a “right way” to participate other than what feels right to you. It’s important for you to enjoy yourself. If this module ever feels like a chore, please stop.

It’s time to get started. On to Assignment 1.